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Terms & Conditions of Classes

Your participation:

  • Your participation is at your own risk

  • You agree that you have attended a yoga class before

  • You are able to make an assessment of the risk of participation

  • You will not share the login details with the class to anyone that has not signed-up


  • You confirm that you will inform the teacher before participating in a class if you have:

    • Pains in your chest, ever​

    • High or low blood pressure

    • Any joint problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, back or knee problems, and any others

    • Had any operations or injuries in the last year

    • Suffer from any restrictions from existing conditions and/or old injuries

    • Medications that you are taking

    • Pregnancy

    • Any other conditions that the teacher should be aware of before you commence physical activity

  • You agree that you were informed of this and wrote to the teacher and communicated with them prior to starting a class​

  • You agree that if your condition changes between an initial assessment and the time of the class, for example because you are attending a further class at a later date, you will inform the teacher prior to the class

Resources (online classess)

  • You confirm that if you experience any difficulty of any kind that there is someone on call to assist you

  • You acknowledge that this is an online class and as such the teacher has no ability to assist you if fall into difficulty​

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