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"I have had a great experience with Irina.  Her Iyengar classes are challenging but always feel completely safe.  Her precise instruction and her close attention to individual needs and abilities give me confidence in trying new poses leading to a very rewarding experience and sense of achievement.
Practice with Irina has improved my balance, posture and strength.  I always feel better after a class."


"I totally agree with all the other reviews - Irina is a truly wonderful teacher.   I was looking for a new Iyengar teacher when I moved to the area and feel so lucky to have found her! Her classes are enjoyable, challenging and supportive. Even though we meet largely online she knows her class well and supports all of our individual needs.

On a personal note, she has really helped me grow with poses I was new to or less confident about.  I always look forward to class and her enthusiasm only adds to that!

Thank you Irina!"


"Irina is my first yoga teacher and I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have met her. Irina is very caring, calm and patient, I feel extremely comfortable with her being a novice in this practice.

Irina’s sessions are always well-planned and coherent, they help one grow gradually but surely. After several months of practice I’m happy to see progress: I’ve become more balanced and flexible, and my mind learnt to calm down and relax."


"Irina is a wonderful teacher who creates a peaceful and warm environment while sharing her skills and knowledge. The classes are challenging but very rewarding (at least for a beginner like me); being a small class allows her to give us attention 1:1 being always very careful about correct postural alignment and giving us lots of support and encouragement. The class leaves me relaxed and energised and I'm always looking forward for my next lesson."


"Irina is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is skilled, calm, committed and caring and clearly has a deep understanding of yoga principles and practice. As someone who has early arthritis in numerous joints, I feel lucky and so happy to have found someone who takes such good care to ensure that I can safely improve and add to my yoga practice. Her classes help me push myself to become stronger and more flexible and leave me feeling invigorated and relaxed at the same time."


"Irina’s class epitomises all that Yoga should be - a discipline that takes the mind, body and spirit to a higher level.
I have been attending class for the past 7 months, during which time I have observed greater understanding of my body and its capabilities and a feeling of strength and calmness of the mind.
Irina teaches the Iyengar form of yoga which has it's roots in Hatha yoga but incorporates the use of props - belts, blocks, blankets etc to aid the student to achieve the postures or asanas as I now know them to be.
I find the asanas challenging but never feel my safety is compromised.
Irina’s guidance and expertise is reassuring. She demonstrates each asana with precision, it's a total consumption of mind and body increasing the awareness of every part involved.
This practice requires time and understanding to achieve the optimum results but I’m enjoying the journey immensely."


"Irina is a brilliant teacher. She does a great job of sharing her knowledge with clear, detailed instructions, giving everyone personal attention. Irina is also very good at giving constructive feedback and encouragement making me want to improve with every class. I leave each session feeling relaxed and happy and looking forward to the next one."


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