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Props for Iyengar Yoga

What you will need (and alternatives)


The below information shows the space and equipment you will need, and also alternatives if you don’t own these already. Not everyone has a ready made yoga studio!


1. Space, a mat, a camera, and (if possible) a wall

You will need space in which to put your mat. Please have a space to practice on, and have your camera pointed to it such that I can see you well. If your space permits, it would be great if this included a free wall to use for some asanas.


2. Yoga Blocks/ bricks

You will need Yoga blocks or bricks, we use support like this a lot. If you don’t have them then (for example) a stack of books wrapped in a towel will do. It is important that this support is stable, big enough to sit on, and small enough to move. If you have stiff hips or stiff lower back then this support will need to be higher e.g. 15-20 cm.


3. Yoga Straps

If you don’t have yoga straps then you can use a belt, a men’s tie, a strong scarf, or a piece of rope as a yoga strap. Just be sure to check that the fabric or material that it’s made of is strong enough to hold your stretch, and it shouldn’t be elastic.


4. Yoga Bolsters

A bolster is really just a long pillow with more stuffing than most pillows for greater support. If you don’t have one then grab one or two firm pillows. If you want to make them closer to a bolster you can tie them up, but it’s not necessary.


5. Yoga Blankets

We need a blanket, but it doesn’t have to be a yoga-specific blanket. You can use a regular bath towel.


6. A Chair

A chair that you can sit on at normal height, like a dining chair, with a back rest. Not a little stool.


I'm looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

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