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Enjoyable launch of Bow classes, and more research every day

A great welcome to the students who were with us to launch our new venue in Bow. I greatly enjoyed teaching our first class in St Paul's Church. Our thanks to the venue: everything worked from lighting to heating, and the ambience was perfect.

Now I am preparing for more teaching at both in Bow and at the CityLit Institute in the city. A good phrase I was once told was "search for teachers who are students themselves". As well as Continuing Development that I do, here's a photo of some of the light reading I've been revisiting recently.

The point of all this research for me is to be able to welcome anyone and everyone to my classes. Physically fit students will find my classes challenging, however everyone has something to gain.

So... no excuses for still not acting on those New Year's resolutions as we near the end of January. Simply a big warm welcome to our yoga classes!

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