• Irina Baillie

Last classes before summer break!

On the threshold of Autumn we would love to thank you - all our yoga students - for this brilliant summer practice together, that you have shared with us. Your achievements are amazing! And it is time for all of us to practice once more this week before we all have a well deserved little break.

We are teaching this week up to and including classes on Thursday 23rd August, and then we are away for a fortnight August 25th - September 9th. We will be travelling through Russia by plane, train and boat, but always with our yoga mats. Certainly there will be places that inspire us as I was inspired in the attached photo collage from Lincolnshire.

Come to you last class and then enjoy the break, looking forward to reuniting soon!

Asanas in the beauty of Lincolnshire

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Irina Baillie is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher