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Now extra classes, more convenient times in Bow E3

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

We have enjoyed greatly opening our new location in January and February, and we're delighted to see a group coming together on Thursday evenings.

Some people have told us however that 6.30pm is too early for them, and others have said that they'd prefer a daytime class. So, we've added two new classes each week in Bow and now the schedule is:

- Thursday evening, two classes

- 6.30pm-7.45pm

- 8.00pm-9.15pm

- Friday afternoon

- 2.00pm-3.00pm

Irina also is continuing to teach her course at the CityLit institute, and registration is open for April term for Monday and Wednesday classes. And she's giving a workshop for non-specific back pain in early April. More on all that to come.

In the meantime we hope to see more of you in St Pauls Old Ford on Thursday and Friday!

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