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Pixie Lillas - inspirational, challenging, transformative

Pixie Lillas

What is a perfect yoga weekend?

Well I think the attributes of a perfect yoga weekend are very much individual for each of us, though I hope you won’t disagree overly with this definition. A perfect yoga weekend: inspires you, challenges you, improves you, and opens a new better you to yourself.

All this is possible to experience when attending Pixie Lillas’ workshops as I did this weekend at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale. The weekend started on Friday - I wish all weekends started well in advance! – giving three fabulous days in a truly yogic atmosphere.

Pixie is one of Australia’s most senior Iyengar yoga teachers. And I’d say she is one of most inspiring teachers in the world!

Through the workshops I became entirely captivated. The hours of practice under her caring guidance seemed to pass like seconds, so quickly, that I felt sorry to say good-bye. Even today I am still experiencing some transformation within me and transition a better myself as a student and a teacher, with the improved mindfulness and the sense of awareness.

Looking forward to seeing you my dear students on the mats soon.

And remember ‘Yoga offers us the chance to be the best that we can be at any given time, whatever the circumstances.’ Pixie Lillas

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